*** I buy all of the books myself except the ones I receive through publishers, authors, Amazon, Netgalley, etc which  I will indicate in my review that it was a title I received for free in exchange for my honest review. Even though I get to read those books for free, I will still give my honest opinion regarding them.

“Will you read my book?”

Yes, I will read and review your book. I enjoy reading and experiencing new things. Keep in mind the type of books I have previously reviewed. I enjoy teen fiction the most but am not opposed to reviewing regular fiction as well.  Please contact me with your inquiry and I will respond with how soon you will be able to view my review.  In addition to posting my thoughts on your book, I will include a star rating. My Rating system is as follows:

1 star: I hate it. There are only a handful of books I have ever reviewed as 1 star but it has happened. In those cases I couldn’t finish the book, found nothing good to say about it, or it just flat out wasn’t for me. This has nothing to do with the author personally. I will never attack another writer; it just simply wasn’t my cup of tea.

2 stars: I dislike it. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. There could have been potential in a few plot points but overall there was more bad than good.

3 stars: It was ok. I have neutral feelings towards  the book. It was neither here nor there. It had both good and bad qualities but overall I found the book to be underwhelming and lackluster.

4 stars: I really enjoyed it. I would recommend this book to others. I had a pleasant experience reading the book. There were maybe a few plot points or minor things I would have changed but overall I found it enjoyable.

5 stars: I LOVED it! This category obviously speaks for itself. If it got 5 stars, keep on doing what your doing because I’m vibing on you!

“I’m interested in a new book but am still on the fence about reading it. Can you review it so I know if it’s worth my time?”

Bottom line is this. We are busy people who work hard. We work too damn hard, in fact, to have our hard earned dollars wasted. That being said, if you see an intriguing cover in the bookstore and just can’t quite commit yourself to forking over the 20 or so dollars for the brand new hardback (especially if you’re going to hate it) and want to read an honest opinion about it before you go all in…I’m your girl! Email me the titles you are interested in and I will read and review them and email you back to let you know the review you’ve requested is posted. If you chose this option (and I hope you do. I really love reading new things!) please keep in mind that I am a momma, a wife, a minister, and a student. On top of that I do enjoy a small social life! Be patient with me and I promise you, I will get to your request 🙂