Books to break you out of your reading slump!

May was a fantastic reading month for me! Unfortunately for me, I know that after a killer month, I am going to go into a slump. I’m in the middle of three books right now that are all kind of meh. Nothing is grabbing my attention and I can’t seem to gather that motivation I had to power through like I did last month. This sound like you too? Well hopefully this list will help you out! I present to you: Books to break you out of your reading slump!

Ready Player One is first up on the list! It is jammed packed with action, nostalgia, and great, super nerdy, sci-fi tech! This fast paced novel will surely pull you out of even the deepest of reading slumps and leave you begging and whimpering for more!

Pretty Little Liars is a contemporary/mystery series and I gotta be honest guys, these are just super fun and fast reads. I read each one of these in a single night. They are fast paced, captivating, and just fun! And I promise they are better than the TV show was (if you stick to the OG eight!)

This is another fun mystery and the best part is: ITS A STAND ALONE! You don’t get a ton of those in the YA world. This book is great if you want a good mystery book but don’t want the commitment of starting ANOTHER series!

This trilogy is an older one but a good one! I don’t think it gets the credit it deserves! It is a dystopian and I know people have strong feelings about dystopians, but I am always down for a great dystopian read! This is definitely a series worth checking out!

Any Harper’s Island fans out there?? No?? Just me?? This book has mad Harper’s Island vibes! Basically there’s an island with people on it and one by one they start getting killed and someone among them is the killer. This is another stand alone novel and we all need more of those in our life am I right?

And there you have it! What books have broken you out of your reading slumps? Leave em in the comments below!

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