Lifel1k3 – Jay Kristoff

I received this book as an arc through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Title: Lifel1k3

Author: Jay Kristoff

Publisher: Random House

Release date: May 29th 2018

Genre: sci fi, teen, dystopian, futuristic

Page count: 416

My rating:

Goodreads synopsis: On a floating junkyard beneath a radiation sky, a deadly secret lies buried in the scrap.

Eve isn’t looking for secrets—she’s too busy looking over her shoulder. The robot gladiator she’s just spent six months building has been reduced to a smoking wreck, and the only thing keeping her Grandpa from the grave was the fistful of credits she just lost to the bookies. To top it off, she’s discovered she can destroy electronics with the power of her mind, and the puritanical Brotherhood are building a coffin her size. If she’s ever had a worse day, Eve can’t remember it.

But when Eve discovers the ruins of an android boy named Ezekiel in the scrap pile she calls home, her entire world comes crashing down. With her best friend Lemon Fresh and her robotic conscience, Cricket, in tow, she and Ezekiel will trek across deserts of irradiated glass, infiltrate towering megacities and scour the graveyard of humanity’s greatest folly to save the ones Eve loves, and learn the dark secrets of her past.

Even if those secrets were better off staying buried.

My thoughts: I have so many feels right now from finishing this book I don’t even know where to begin!

First off, Jay Kristoff. Holy hell can the man write! I love his writing style! Its beautiful in places, intense in others. I laugh out loud at his character’s dialogue and his characterizations and plot points always move me to tears! I was already a huge fan of his from reading he and Amie Kaufman’s series The Illuminae Files, but I will definitely have to read more of his books!

Ok fangirling out of the way now, you came to hear about this book which is set to be released in just a few short weeks.

I will start with not-so-good things only because there aren’t too many of them! At first the language and terminology is a little strange and almost difficult to follow. Jay does include a glossary at the beginning to define commonly used words throughout the book to describe the various kinds of machines and robots. It does help some but took some time to get used to. His characters also use made up words like “fizzy” meaning “cool” or “good” but in a way, I rather liked these terms because it just helps to add to the scenery and time period that this is in the future and the world is definitely a different place. That said, once you got used to the different terminology, the plot really moves!

It is definitely a faced paced, action packed story (which I love!) There is not one part of this book that is dull, boring, or lacking nor does it have any “filler” type or unncessary chapters. Every word is relevant to the story and serves the purpose of pushing the plot along.

In true Jay Kristoff form, this story is not without its twists and turns. Every character had a secret and every scene had a new mystery to solve. At first I was worried there were TOO many mysteries and elements but they all came together beautifully at the end and left me BLOWN AWAY!

The charcaters are fantastic! I especially loved the character of Lemon Fresh. She was so funny and caused me to laugh out loud on multiple occasions! Also the evolution of the characters was a beautiful thing to behold. Especially the character of Eve. She had a whirlwind of character evolution and is the character I am most excited to learn more about in the next book!

In short, this book is pretty flipping fantastic! Other than the few terminology issues in the beginning, I don’t have anything negative to say!

I highly recommend you run to the bookstore on May 29th and pick this book up! I promise you will not be disappointed!

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