My vacation is over :(


Hello hello hello!!

I am back from my vacation to the mountains and had a great time in a beautiful cabin with beautiful views of the smoky mountains! I have to admit, I didn’t get a ton of reading done because we were SO busy throughout the day that I was dead tired when we finally got back to the cabin. But I did manage to squeeze in a few chapters of my audio book and a few chapters of another upcoming dystopian book to be released next week (I will have that review up by this coming weekend!) Both are FANTASTIC so far so I really hope they continue to impress me.

I also went to Books-A-million today and got a little mini haul of good hard backs on sale that I’ve been wanting to read.

Has anyone read any of these guys? How are they? What should I start with??

Anyway that is about it for me. Just wanted to give everyone a quick update as to why I’ve been distant this week but I promise I’ll have more reviews, book tags, and posts coming this week! Thanks for staying with me this week and checking out my blog while I was away! Now its back to reading!!

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